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Maine field stone wall and granite steps

This massive Maine field stone rock wall loops around this rustic farmhouse’s amazing pool. Numerous granite steps separate the wall &  lead to the pool area.

maine granite sign

This handsome maine granite holds a large sign for a local housing development. Surrounded by a garden, the signage sits adjacent to the neighborhood’s entrance, and is quite welcoming.

corinthian granite fireplace

This fireplace was constructed from large pieces of granite, with a wooden mantle overhead. Large windows on either side overlook the sprawling backyard.

corinthian granite fireplace

This handsome Corinthian granite fireplace houses a wooden mantle and holds a wood burning insert. The room’s wooden beams & hardwood floors compliment this fireplace well.

maine field stone fire pit

This custom Maine Fieldstone firepit is a great addition to the patio area of the property. Surrounded by a gravel area with ample room for seating, this firepit serves as a gathering place for guests and is quite welcoming.